September 9, 2011


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In this comprehensive practical course you will learn everything you need to know about how to start and maintain a meditation practice.

It will help you to get more benefits from your yoga (asana) practice as a natural step in your evolution to greater wholeness and wellbeing through the power to still the mind and connect to source.

Beginning with simple centering and witnessing techniques and basic relaxation and meditation practice you will discover that meditation is a natural state of being and a powerful tool for healing on all levels.

Mark Reynierse has been meditating for 16 years and has studied under his Guru at the Siddha Yoga Ashram since 1994 and has a passion for yogic and spiritual philosophy. Mark holds a Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing. He has taken many other meditation courses and promises that this course (Meditation Level 1) is the best course that you can do today. The course is intensive, covering every aspect from the science perspective to the yogic point of view.

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Download PDF Mediation Course Flyer

The Meditation Level 1 course covers,


•    Meditation postures, props and tools

•    How to start a meditation practice

•    The yogic concept of meditation

•    Brain waves and the state of consciousness

•    Benefits of meditation

•    Meditation and the nervous system

•    Stress and relaxation responses

•    The mind and its qualities and functions

•    Perception, perceiver, perceived

•    The quality of awareness

•    Diseases of the mind

•    Common blocks and obstacles to meditation

•    Affirmations, prayer, mantra, chanting (Kirtan) and more


•    Basic meditation techniques

•    Guided relaxation and meditation & visualization

•    Yoga nidra (yogic sleep)

•    Open eye meditations (Trataka) candle & yantra

•    Chanting as a means to meditation


“This course has changed my life! I am a busy executive recently diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, chronic insomnia & an anxiety disorder. My life was beginning to spiral out of control. This course has given me the tools to harness & quieten the mind & take control of my life again. It has given me so much more than I expected & taught me so much about myself. Since beginning the course I have not experienced anxiety at all! I am much happier, relaxed & centered. I am confident I will never experience insomnia again. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am enjoying the calmness I now have. Thank you to Mantra for offering this life changing course.” T S

“Thank you Mark for conducting such an inspiring & insightful meditation course. I feel like I truly have a beginner’s grasp of what meditation is all about & am very excited about the journey. Thank you for creating such a safe & sacred space to explore these aspects of my own self. You are a wonderful teacher, and I really enjoyed your honesty, sincerity & sense of humour! Namaste.” Anne-Marie

“This course is a perfect introduction to meditation. It gives the bases needed to understand & start meditation. It will change your life if you take the time to practice. Give it a go, it’s magical.” Diane

“This is a great start point for anyone who wants to explore what meditation can offer for the mind, body & soul. I found the genuine support of Mark & others in the room very helpful in guiding me to overcome many of the blocks that occur during the learning process. Also the level of information provided each week really helped me to stay on track.” Lynne

Meditation level 1 is held over six sessions(Wednesday evenings).

Commencing Wednesday 12th October 2011 7.30pm till 9.30pm.

Investment is $200.00


Mantra Yoga  94361231.                          1 Holtermann St Crows Nest 2065.



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